How to mark a specific row (or cell) in a grid as unselectable?

I might be missing something obvious, but I cannot find the way to mark some of the rows in a grid as “unselectable”. Is there a way to “ignore” a row/cell mark when they are clicked – while keeping the multiple selection on for the rest of the grid?

While StopPropagatin works fine on the column level, I don’t know how to apply it just on specific cells/rows, based on a simple condition (e.g. if some property == true -> make this cell unselectable).

Unselectable rows are not supported.

Ok, thanks for the info.

Far from an ideal answer but one way to achieve what you want (ignore select on certain row) is by automatically unselecting the row as soon as it got selected.


<RadzenDataGrid @ref="grid" 
 SelectionMode="DataGridSelectionMode.Multiple"   @bind-Value=@selectedLots
Data="@listOfDisplayLots" >
         <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="DisplayLot">
             <Template Context="data">
                 <RadzenCheckBox TriState="false" Value="@(selectedLots != null && selectedLots.Contains(data))"
                                 TValue="bool" Change=@(args => { onRowSelectChange(data); }) />

RadzenDataGrid? grid;

void onRowSelectChange(DisplayLot lot)
     if(lot.somepropery != propertyValueYouWant){

        grid.SelectRow(selectedRow); //this causes the selected row to get unselected because
       //calling grid.SelectRow on already selected row  causes it to toggle to unselected