How to make scrolling inside Grid, How to make grid filters with dropdowns,

Hello ,
my problem is that my grid have a lot of lines and then i scroll down the titles of of rows disappears.... can i some how make header of grid make fix ?
Is it possible to make grid filter wiht dropdown or some how use dropdown in it ?

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Have you tried to set DataGrid height in pixels?

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thanks it solved the first question. But you did answer second question...

I have the same problem. Have set the height of the datagrid but when I scroll down, the data is hiding the header

<RadzenDataGrid @ref="grid" Style="height: 800px;" AllowFiltering="true" AllowColumnResize="true" FilterMode="FilterMode.Simple" PageSize="25" AllowPaging="true" AllowSorting="true" Data="@cars.viewModels" TItem="IndexViewModel" ColumnWidth="300px" LogicalFilterOperator="LogicalFilterOperator.Or">