How to make RadzenTree Required in a form

I wonder if it's possible to make a RadzenTree required in a form ? I want to use the RadzenRequiredValidator, but from what I understand, you need to assign the Component attribute to the Name of the required Component, but RadzenTree doesn't have a Name attribute.

Here is an example of what I tried (It doesn't work cause the Name attribute doesn't exist):

					<RadzenTree Name="RequiredField"
								Style="font-size: 0.9em;"
						<RadzenTreeLevel TextProperty="Description"
											Expanded="@(c => IsExpanded((CategorieTreeDto)c))"
											HasChildren="@(c => ((CategorieTreeDto)c).Childs?.Any() ?? false)" />
						<RadzenTreeLevel TextProperty="Description" HasChildren="@(e => false)" />
					<RadzenRequiredValidator Component="RequiredField" Text="First name is required" Style="position: absolute" />

Validator components works with form components while the Tree component is not - you will need some custom validation logic for your case.

Thanks for the reply !