How to i move down buttons vertical?

Hello guys, i am new to programming i want to mote down button in vertical order, this i my code:

@page "/Login"

            <RadzenButton Click=@(args => OnClick ("Button with text")) Text="1" Style="margin-bottom:-100px;width:70px; height:50px " />
            <RadzenButton Click=@(args => OnClick("Button with text")) Text="2" Style="margin-bottom:20px;width:70px; height: 50px " />

            @code {

                void OnClick(string buttonName)
                    Console.WriteLine($"{buttonName} clicked");

Hi @Bboyarem,

Try setting the margin-top instead of margin-bottom (and use a positive value). Margin bottom will have the opposite effect.

<RadzeButton style="margin-top: 20px; width: 70px; height: 50px" />

Did not help sadly, i want to do pin sign in so need tohave the buttons vertical also

What do you want to do? Show us a screenshot of the current and desired behavior.

I want to create something like this, in the picture you can see that 7,4 and 1 are vertical, thats the problem i am facing , my button are only beside each other

There are many ways to do that. Probably the easiest is to put every row of buttons in its own <div>:

<div style="margin-bottom: 10px">
   <RadzenButton Text="7" />
   <RadzenButton Text="8" />
   <RadzenButton Text="4" /><RadzenButton Text="5" />

Thank you for the quick replay, that solved my problem