How to Focus RadzenNumeric

I'm attempting to do a simple focus on my numeric input when it renders.

I've created a reference and calling _ref.Element.FocusAsync() and nothing happens. I change the input from a Radzen numeric to a basic input and it works.

Is there something I'm missing or is this a known thing that doesn't work?

Figured it out. The element property on the reference is actually the span element that wraps the input element that I want to focus. I was able to write a custom focus function using the following JS -

radzenFocus: (element) => {
        if (element instanceof HTMLElement) {

            for (const child of element.children) {
                if (child instanceof HTMLInputElement)

If I get some time, I may create a pull request with an extension for this!

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Sir, I need the same Focus on Numeric BOX,

Please Help me, How can i do this...