How to expand each rows in DataGrid with

I have hierarchical data grid

  1. top grid populates "release" object and few of its columns.
    since there is list of release (ie "releases"), this grid has multiple rows.
    "release" has List of "audiences" in it, which will be displayed by second grid.

  2. Middle grid populates "audiences" with few columns on it.
    Since there are multiple audiences in the list, it expands to multiple rows.
    "Audience" has List of "Expressions", which is displayed by third grid below

  3. Inner most grid displays "expressions".

I want to expand all rows by default either on a buttonclick event or something similar (all 3 grids and all rows) when those grid load. How do I do it?

I tried testing this on the very top level grid like this but this did not work:
releases.ForEach(r => grid1.ExpandRow(r));

Hi @ShishirDahal,

Such functionality (expand all rows at once) is not supported. For sure such action will cause massive performance hit since you will have separate database queries for all rows child data.

Thanks for the reply. All those 3 grids, in my case, are pre-loaded at OnInitialized. All the data comes from one single object which has list of all other objects that I want. The parent object is not very big in my case. So, perf is not an issue here. Is there any plan on supporting this in future?