How to display rich text

Hopefully a simple question.

I am using a Blazor HTML Editor to create rich text. Is there a way that I can simply display (read only) the text in another part of the application without using the space for the tool bar, etc.


You can embed the rich text in your page. Use the HTML component and set its content to @((MarkupString)propertyName). This is the way to tell Blazor to output raw HTML content without encoding it.

Thank you for your very quick response, and I know I am going to show my ignorance...

Here is what I originally had:

public string HtmlText { get; set; } = string.Empty;

<RadzenTextArea @bind-Value=HtmlText Placeholder="Description..." Cols="120" Rows="8" />

It worked as I hoped except it displayed the text as HTML rather than applying formatting to the text.

For example, "Bold Text" is displayed exactly like that rather than the word "Bold Text" in bold font.

What I would like, ideally, is to have a control that is read only, takes up minimal browser space, and that displays "Bold Text" in bold font.

Thanks again.