How to disable paging?

on top of my grid, I have a button "Edit all" to turn the grid as inline edit as excel for only current page. I need to keep the current pagesize, page index ... but I do not want the user to click on the page number to navigate to other page until the inline editing result is either committed or discarded.

how do I disable the pager's page number link and other control such as previous, first, last, next ?

I tried to use Page event but it does not have a e.Cancel = true to cancel the paging - I also could not find a way to find the property from grid reference to disable that.

Thank you!

I used the css to hide it ... it is a hack ... let me know if there is a better way

I use code to switch between "flex;" and "none;" :slight_smile:

.rz-paginator { display: @pageStyle }

There is also separate Pager component that can be connected to the DataGrid and hidden using Visible property.