How to Customise Service.cs file to use Our Own DTO's


I used Swagger to expose datamodels to radzen pro in which i was able to see all the grid data.Im happy with the output and code generation,But i have to modify service.cs file to make it to use my Defined DTO(using multi tier architecture) instead of the DTO its creating itself in Models folder.Gone through all the forums.Couldnt find right way to Customise service class.Cant add the file to ignorelist.Would really appreciate some help her.Thanks

produced Code :
public async Task<IEnumerable< Wmdsui.Models.SoftwareInformationoftwareInfoGridDto>> GetApiSoftwareInformation()

I want to use :

public async Task<IEnumerable< WMDS.CORE.Support.Models.DTOs.SoftwareInformationoftwareInfoGridDTO>> GetApiSoftwareInformation().

Every else where like .razor , designer.cs e.t.c iam able to modify my customised DTO through the Tool,except for Service.cs file

You can customize any file if you add it in the application ignore list. Check our documentation for more info.

I do have some files in ignore list like json files, startup.cs files e.t.c which wont be changing frequently but coming to service.cs files,they do change frequently.So i dont want to add them to ignore list.Instead i would like to have custom class where i can over ride the DTO thats being USED by Service with My OWN DTO.

To ADD bit more to the topic, all the rest of files are able to use my OWN DTO every time i run from radzen pro...except for service.cs