How to connect Radzen with visual studio 2017

Hi Everyone, Since I am new to Radzen can anyone help me how to connect Radzen with Visual studio for creation of new pages for CRUD operation. Thanks in advance.

When you run the application Radzen will generate Visual Studio solution in the application folder. More info can be found here:

Thanks Radzen Team for prompt response. One more thing i want to clear is that do we require to set up .NET Core 3.1 SDK, eventough we are using visual studio Professional 2017 with framework 4.7? Also as of now we are having trial version only, we have not purchased license yet, can we use radzen with Visual studio for actual project? Our concern is that we have developed some master pages with the help of Radzen trial version and on expiration of free trail period it will not work, will It be a case?

Your app will continue to work after trial period end - you will need however .NET Core. Both Angular with server-side and Blazor application will require .NET Core.

Hi We are not familiar with .Net core. How it will be differentiated to Dotnet development. We wants to buy 7 to 10 license for our organization, but before that if you can arrange a demo for us then that will be very helpful.

This is the error we are receiving while developing a page.

This error isn't related to Radzen. Your machine doesn't have access to the Nuget repository for some reason.

I suggest you to read this article: