How to close Radzen panel from code

I am using trying to use the panel to show/hide a set of configuration items from on a parent component that flow to the child on a button click I want to be able to collapse the RadzenPanel in this event but I am not able to do so. Warnings about setting a components parameters outside the component etc.

<RadzenPanel @ref="ConfigPanel" Collapsed="@ShowCollapsed"   AllowCollapse="true" class="bg-light"
             Expand=@(() => PanelCollapseChange("Expand")) Collapse=@(() => PanelCollapseChange("Collapse")) >
<HeaderTemplate> </HeaderTemplate>

    public bool ShowCollapsed { get; set; } 

    void PanelCollapseChange(string Command)
        if(Command == "Expand")
            ShowCollapsed = false;
            ShowCollapsed= true;


with this setup you can modify ShowCollapsed in code behind and it works as expected
the trick is that even though we have this binding


without the code in the on changed event things don't stay in sync -- initial open --> close in code behind -->open from the [-]' stays open and will not close from code behind again

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