How to clear the property value from datagrid?

Hi, I have a datagrid with multiple selection, if i do some operations with 1 row selected, I check datagrid.value to get rows selected and finish correctly, inmmediately i select 2 rows more, and when i check Value property it returns 3 rows .

What do i need to do in datagrid to clear selected rows (property value) when the operation finishes? I try datagrid.Reload and datagrid.Reset and not working for clearing that collection.

Binding the grid to a list item is required

 IList<YourObject> selectedItems // Declare a List 
@bind-Value="@selectedItems"  // bind this to grid in razor page
selectedItems=null;                       //   Clears the grid selectedItems

I got the data through "Invoke data Source Method" in Load event and set a property. When I get the selected Items I do with "Selection = (List)this.datagrid0.Value;" for iterating elements.

When it finishes, next instruction is "this.datagrid0.Value = null", before it exits from event, i try again same operation and it passes again through "Selection = (List)this.datagrid0.Value;" and it returns as if row is still selected, as if datagrid never refresh that property. Indeed i try to Page Reload and visually datagrid changes correctly but Value property returns more items selected.

I missing something but I dont know what hehehe

You will need to set @bind-Value property as mentioned in my post so that you can Get/Set the Value property of the datagrid.
Please refer to multiple selection sample for more clarity.

Hi @Vinod_Pillai , I tried you explain and nothing changed, let see if i'm wrong

  1. I define a page property "seleccion" as a list of objects.

  2. I indicate as ${seleccion} in a datagrid's property "Value"

3.If i select rows, that variable "Seleccion" does not contains items. for trying to set null after getting the elements selected.

do you matter to put into a little video ?

Your first step is correct.
In the second step you need to set the bind-Value property instead of Value as shown in my screenshot using Attributes so below tag is added to razor page


third step will work after above change
It is very simple it will work.