How to clear custom filter field in datagrid?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to implement a clear all filter button on my datagrid, which uses default filter, and custom filter.

Using gridRef.Reset() reset the default filters, and setting the bindValue of my dropdown (CategorieFilter in this case) to null or "" actually undo the filtering, but the field stay populated:

Here is my component

Here is my reset filter function

Here is the column before filtering

Here is the column filtered

and here is the column after clearing filter

As you can see there is still "Enfant" written in the field, even if the filter is no longer active.

What i want to do is basically trigger the little crosse next to the filter using my resetFilter function

Do you see a way to do this?

I tried setting properties like filterValue to null, Getting column from the ref of the grid and then use their property, set filterable to false, then back to true...

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Check my reply in this thread:

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I found another way to do what i wanted, i just @ref the dropdown and dropdown.Select(null, true);

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: