How to change icon based on condition within a datagrid?

I used the Template property of a column to show an icon in the datagrid.
But I cannot figure out where to put the condition (in the way it was described here: Change icon based on condition - Radzen IDE (Blazor server-side) - Radzen)
My field is named status, so, I look for a place to put this: ${data.Status ? "done" : "close"} somewhere into my column properties:

Thanks a lot.

You need to use the Visible property. Here is how it is done in our tutorial: Customize CRUD pages

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Excellent, my apologies for overlooking this in the docs. At the end my column template looked like this:

for the falseIcon you compare with false. My status attribute here in the DB is of the type bit, it could even be NULL and it still works. In that case no icon is shown at all.
solved, thank you.