How to change data types in Radzen

How do I change data types in a Radzen Blazor project without having to start all over again by scaffolding from the MSSQL database? I have tried changing the model classes in Visual Studio but Radzen overwrites it.

You can infer your data source without creating any pages to get the new types. If you have some code in your pages type dependent you can edit the page manually.

Thanks it worked. I am trying to adapt the steps used for displaying images in a datagrid > column > template, and realised there is nothing in the toolbox for media. I wish to display short movie clips with sound or just sound without motion picture. Can this be done?

There is no such component out of the box in Radzen however you can define any HTML in the template including video tag.

What is the tag for uploading audio eg .opus, .m4a, .wav ?

What is the datatype for video/* in mssql?

What is the equivalent in the toolbox for displaying it ? Eg we use Image to display an image tag, but what components are used to display audio stored in mssql?

You mentioned there is none for video, so is there a plan to create these?

Hi @margarito,

We don’t have plans to add such components since they are already available as HTML components and can be used in templates as I suggested in my previous reply. Try searching more info about HTML video - there are plenty of resources out there. We have two components for upload: FileInput - can be used to store relatively small images as base74 encoded strings in database fields and general purpose Upload component. Check our demos and documentation for reference.