How to auto-size RadzenColumns on LG, but have fixed size when smaller?

When I do something like this:

  <RadzenColumn> ... </RadzenColumn>
  <RadzenColumn> ... </RadzenColumn>

the size is equally divided by the number of RadzenColumns.

How can I achieve this equal autosizing on a specific size trigger, but set size to 12 when smaller?

These do not work:

  <RadzenColumn SizeXS="12" SizeLG="0"> ... </RadzenColumn>
  <RadzenColumn SizeXS="12" SizeLG="null"> ... </RadzenColumn>

Hi @rabjen-iwes,

This is not possible at the moment with the current size values. You'd have to enter a specific value, e.g. if you want to have a row split into 3 equal columns you need to set SizeLG="4". We will consider adding such functionality as it might be convenient if columns are dynamically added/removed.

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OK, good to know. I can make do currently, but I'd like this feature in a future release.