How to assign a dynamic IEnumerable<string> to a dropdown in Radzen

I would like to create a property of type IEnumerable and assign that to a dropdown in Radzen as a kind of lookup field. I could accomplish this in the VS project but wondering if you can do that directly in Radzen.

So at form initialise,
I would like to create a new property IEnumerable environments = new List {"Production","QA","DEV"};

Assign this property to a DropDown list and bind the list to and existing dataset so that the selected value updates a field in my DB table.radzen

Hi @Mark_Stevens,

Yes, it is possible:

There is an issue with the component rendering the design time however it will be fixed immediately.

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Thanks, that works a treat. All i did was replace the existing text box with the dropdown and wired up the dropdown change event to assign the ${event} to the database column that was originally bound to the text box.