How to apply custom css on component Radzen?

How do I apply my modified css that reuses the same Radzen classes?

Hi @Dendi,

You can add your own custom CSS classes to the site.css file of your application. Alternatively you can create a custom CSS file from the source and include it instead of the built-in theme CSS. If this isn't what you are looking for please clarify what your requirement is.

Hello, I have a similar problem with CSS, after adding the link under index.html, the components do not recognize the css.

Hi @Sammy,

Make sure that:

  1. The path to the CSS file is right. Can be verified via the browser's developer tools. In the network tab you should see that the CSS file is correctly returned.
  2. Ensure that your CSS selectors have higher specificity than the theme ones. Again the browser's developer tools will help. Inspect the element of interest and check what CSS rules apply to it. Rules with lower specificity will display as "strike-through".

Thanks for your quick reply, Will confirm.

So the css is not loaded, but I believe I have the right link. What would you suggest?

How did you confirm the CSS file didn't load? Where did you put it? How did you include it?