How not to use VS anymore?

I have a conceptual question what your recommendation would be how to keep your very slick editor capacity in play but at the same time to have an option for a full custom control. To adding a page to code generator exemption list is not so useful as I still would like continue mange the page from the Radzen editor. Still if I need to have some fast tweaks from custom code, I would like it to be an option. For instance, I would like to have a grid that is not groupable but to have a default groping set. I might do it by adding the GroupDescriptor on FirstRender from the razor (server) page. It will be wiped, and I need to bring it to the code behind that looks like immune to regeneration. However, it requires me to have VS and Radzen editors open. After 30 years in development, I never thought I would say it, but I do not want to have VS opened, I want one editor. So, do we have an option to have access in the Radzen Editor to the code behind that will be preserved? If my thinking reflects wrong understanding of Radzen concept then my apologies, I am new to it and please let me know what is your recommended practice.

Radzen 3.0 would include a built-in code editor (not as powerful as VS but still usable). We hope to release a CTP in the first months of 2022.

Amazing, thank you very much!