How do you set Default Selection for Angular DropDown

With the angular dropdown component I would like to have a default selected value,
I'm not sure how to do this perhaps with ngmodule attribute?

Same question for dropdowngrid?
In that component though there is a property called SelectedValue and so I tried it as

The Agency json objects look like this...


You should use the Value property to set the initially selected value. SelectedValue is used by the DropDownDataGrid in addition to Value in the case when the selected item is not in the first page of data.

Can you show us the rest of the DropDown configuration? A screenshot from the property grid would help - we need to see what the Data and ValueProperty settings are.

Thanks for helping, here is a screen shot of the properties and one of the underlying agency table in the database.


Then set the Value property to ${getSupAliAgenciesForAgency_IDResult.value[1].Agency_ID}