How do I expand to second level

I’m trying out the hierarchical master detail. The master table is Project. The detail table is CapitalExpenses. How do I expand the CapitalExpenses GLAccount related table information?

Are you following this tutorial? If yes you should be able to define a third level DataGrid by editing the template of the child DataGrid. You should also set the $expand parameter to CapitalExpenses,CapitalExpenses/GLAccount CapitalExpenses,CapitalExpenses($expand=GLAccount). The latter should expand both levels.

Hi @korchev,

When extending more than 1 level I need to use the following syntax as the Value of the $expand parameter:
Rather than the expected:

I thought that the oData 4 syntax was the 2nd option… Is this right?

Of course you are right - I will edit my previous response. For example getting the Northwind Orders with expanded Product and Category would look like$expand=Product,Product($expand=Category)