How do I change the order of the navigation pane

I'd like to change the order of the navigation pane so page C 13 Annexations follows C 12 Irrigation. How would I do that?

Hi @scjhnsn,

You can customize the navigation menu using the approach from this article:

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And to add to @enchev 's response we plan to allow this to be done in the upcoming ‘layouts’ feature. One would be able to rearrange and or group the navigation menu items from within Radzen.


I started to customise the menu and after I finished I recompiled the project. I see the menu on the page but most of the menu buttons doesn't open any page and I'm getting a routing related error.
Is this normal? How can I fix it?


Make sure the Path property of the navigation items is set:

Also the page shouldn't have any parameters.