How can i set SelectIndex value to next step only after form validation is satisfied

I'm using selectIndex to move programmatically to next step
by using ref ,i'm moving next ,but this creates a problem when validation comes into picture, It doesn't validate the forms and move next. But the next button provided by radzen steps validate each step item .
How can i achieve this in my custom button , which i will call the above method to move next step.

Hi @Sree_Vishnu_S,

You shouldn't set any properties of Blazor components via refs. This will rarely work. Instead set their properties declaratively and update them accordingly:

<RadzenSteps SelectedIndex=@selectedIndex>
@code {
  void move() {
    selectedIndex = 1;

In addition the RadzenSteps will automatically perform validation if put inside a RadzenTemplateForm component.

But if I use the above mentioned code ,by calling the method in button(code given below) it will not perform any validation . and aslo while selecting the textbox or dropdown of the forms , it will randomly move to other step items.

button code:
RadzenButton Text="Add Sync" ButtonType="ButtonType.Button" Click="move"

I don't see any code. By the way the validation code is here: