How can I integrate a MarkupString into RadzenHtmlEditor?

I am using RadzenHtmlEditor and when I enter an HTML code (Example <a href=""> Google</a>) the output is still the same. Meaning it still has the html tags. I wanted to know how can I make it so it will make it so I will be able to use the markupstring. FYI I am using the Nuget Package

Hi @Jonilla_Tallawan,

Yes, the purpose of the RadzenHtmlEditor is to produce HTML with tags etc. What are you trying to achieve?

If I type raw html on the RadzenHtmlEditor it won't take it as html but instead as a text. So like my example when I type in <a href=">Google</a> it should look like <a href=">Google. But instead it looks the same as what I typed it as.
I am making an app that uses the RadzenHtmlEditor as a text area to input raw html and then when I save it to say a database and output it, it the html tags(eg ) will be used not shown as a part of the text.

I hope this is clear. If not please do not gesitate to ask question.
Thank you.

The RadzenHtmlEditor cannot be used like this. Its't only purpose is to allow end users who don't know HTML to create rich markup. If you want your users to type HTML content then use a regular textarea.