How can I access form data in RadzenUpload UploadController

Hi, I am working on a ticket system and I have a form to edit ticket information of a previously selected ticket out of my ticket overview.

In this edit ticket form I have grid to store file-attachments to this ticket. The files are stored on a folder but I also want to store some additional metadata along with those files in a table called "documents" in the database.

To be able to do this I need to store the ticket id as a reference in a field in the documents table so that I know which record belongs to which ticket.

I am using the UploadController code you have published in your examples (thank you very much for that!).

    public async Task<IActionResult> Multiple(IFormFile[] files)
            // Put your code here
            foreach (var file in files)
                var name = file.FileName;

                using (var stream = new FileStream(Path.Combine(environment.WebRootPath, name), FileMode.Create))
                    // Save the file

                    // Return the URL of the file
                    var path = Url.Content($"~/{name}");

                    await service.CreateFile(new Projektabrechnung.Models.EEvolution.Document { KEYTABLE = "TICKET", KEY1 = "0", PATHNAME = path, FILENAME = path, DocumentTyp = 99, ec_ja = 0, Beschreibung = path });
            return StatusCode(200);
        catch (Exception ex)
            return StatusCode(500, ex.Message);

In my method CreateFile I would need to provide the id from the ticket in my edit ticket form, where I have placed the BlazorUpload control.

Can you please tell me, how I can access this information?

Thank you and best regards


Check this method in our UploadController:

And “Upload with additional parameter“ in our demo:

Thank you very much, Vladimir!

It works!

All the best