HighCharts Integration

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Can HighCharts - a JavaScript library - be easily integrated into a Radzen application?


  • Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Although we haven’t tested with HighCharts it is possible to integrate a third party JS library with Radzen by creating a custom component.

I will try to prepare a sample HighCharts integration demo and report my findings.

the Radzen team

Hi Korchev -

Thankyou for your response, and looking forward to your findings.

  • Kevin

This post has been updated to link to our blog post which contains the latest instructions.

Hi Korchev -

Beautiful work! :slight_smile:

This is an excellent example of the flexibility RadZen can offer for custom development.

Thankyou so much!

  • Kevin

Hi Korchev -

Will the Radzen IDE also work well with React/Redux assets when deploying to Azure of IIS?



Hi Kevin,

What does working with React/Redux mean in this context? At the moment the Radzen applications use the Angular 5 framework and do not utilize React and Redux. Could you elaborate?

Hi, I'm trying to follow the sample and I received this error:

radzen: Generating code ...
radzen: Code generation done in 73ms.
ng-cli: You seem to not be depending on "@angular/core". This is an error.

ng-cli: Exited with code: 2
radzen: undefined

Something has changed?


Same error, please help.

Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

Do you have client/node_modules folder?

Yes, the folder is present.

Maybe Angular is missing in this case. You can try to delete it and execute npm install.

I installed angular5 globally in a fresh machine (mac) and in this machine when try to run the sample IDE crash:

Not sure what this error means, my suggestion was to delete node_modules and execute npm install for this app.

Done, but...

Sorry about insist in this topic but I have need to implement a sankey chart and highcharts has an eficient way to do it.
Could you develop a working Sample?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Carlos_Carminati,

We have outlined the steps in a blog post. You don't need to install Angular globally as it may interfere with Radzen's local installation. The other error that you see is also covered there:

macOS users with newer versions of NodeJS make experiece a symbol not found error. Run rm -rf node_modules/fsevents just in case.

The blog post includes a sample project too.