Hierarchy grid - unable to select tables

I am setting up a simple hierarchy grid but when the choice of tables appears it only shows 1 table to choose from - that is a FK table to my main table.
I want to pick my main table (Organisation) and show related details tables (Course) a la Order->OrderDetail where the OrderDetail is linked to the master Order Table.
I have the same linkage setup for my tables.
It's been a long day and I may be missing something obvious but glad of what you think may be wrong

Hi Tim,

Hierarchy template is working with one to many relation. In your case one OrganisationType can have many Organisations.

But in the same way, 1 organisation can have many Courses. Why can't I see Organisations listed with a child link to Courses in the choice of tables?
I'm sure you will agree a lookup table (OrganisationType) hardly has the status of Master with the Organisation as the Child?
So I dug deeper and recreated My Organisation/Courses/Organisation type table but this time with Int PK and FK (as opposed to GUID that I was using before)
This time it worked:

  1. So it seems that int's for PK/FK work but Guids (uniqueidentifier) do not in this case when building hierarchy or master/details grids
  2. When I did get it to work using int's, any Master with no child rows would crash the app when that row was expanded.

Hope this can be looked into
Thanks, tim

Further issue with Hierarchygrid:
So I managed to get it working with int PK/FK as mentioned.
however in designtime, when I edit the Master grid and click the EditTemplate to edit the child grid I get an error where child grid should be:
The name 'rRadzenTest2ModelsRadzenTest2Order' does not exist in the current context.

The grid works at runtime I just cant edit the child grid in design.

Hi @timt,

We will take care of this issue as well.

Problem still present:
Adding new Master/Child Hierarchy grid page to empty project

Looks good:

But editing child grid template isn't possible:

App works at runtime.