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Radzen Blazor Studio is a rapid application development solution for Blazor Server and WebAssembly apps.

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Radzen Blazor Studio is currently released in preview mode. The CTP (Community Technology Preview) supports the following features:

  • Open an existing Blazor server or Blazor WebAssembly application.
  • Support for built-in and third party Blazor components. We have fully tested Radzen.Blazor. We have also tested a few popular commercial and open source vendors.
  • Edit the source code of all files in the application.
  • Visually design a Blazor page or component.
  • Add, edit and delete component properties and methods.
  • Create new pages.
  • Build and run.

CTP version means that:

  • It is not what the release version would look like in terms of UI and features. The list of the currently supported features and upcoming ones is available in the roadmap.
  • You may hit issues. In such cases we would appreciate you reporting them in our github issues portal.
  • Always use some source of version control (git, TFS, svn et. al.) to prevent information loss.