Headerless RadzenGrid

Is it possible? Or is there someting more adequate?

Thats very easy:
Put in the wwwroot/assets/css/style.css the follow code:

.ui-datatable-thead {
display: none;

But wouldn't it change behaviour of all grids within the project? I am looking for a way to hide headers for individual grids to save some space and also choose not to hide them to keep interface usable where data is not self-explanatory.

  1. Set custom attribute named "class" to your headerless grid with some value:

  2. Put in style.css:

  3. Done

This works if there are no nested tables.
In theory, the record:

.my-headerless-grid:first-child .ui-datatable-thead {
display: none;

should work only for the parent table, but for some reason all the headers of the child tables are also hidden. I'm working on it.