Guidance for Popup Edit Form from DataGrid

I am sure there is guidance out there, but I am not finding int.

I would like to implement the following, and know most of this is obvious:

  1. Data Grid with an Edit Button on each row
  2. Clicking the button opens a modal popup with an Edit Form
  3. The edit form will be created as a reusable Blazor Component
  4. Normal Save/Cancel Functionality

Any guidance on how to implement this and/or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like a job for DialogService. Have you looked at that? Free Blazor Components | 60+ controls by Radzen

Thank you Iliyan. I am heading in that direction but was hopeful there was a different way.

Well, this is the way - and it's convenient. I have to use DialogService from RadzenDataGrid in my project too, I'm doing it right as I'm writing this comment.

Thanks again Iliyan. I have used DevExpress controls in the past, and they had specific templates for edit forms and properties that made it a popup. Not able to comment yet on which approach is better (and not sure anybody would be interested), just wanting to make sure that I was not missing something and implementing this functionality in a way that was not intended.