Grouping Grid wont group unless clicked

See radzen demo: DataGrid grouping API:

Blazor DataGrid grouping API (

  1. I dragged a column to the grouping area where it says: Drag a column header here and drop it to group by that column
  2. Nothing happens
  3. I clicked on this area and I see the grouping appear

This is happening in my code as well as the DataGrid Grouping Demo.
Is this expected behaviour or a bug?

How can I get it so it automatically groups when you drop a column in the grouping area without having to click?

Here is what I see:

Very strange. I have just tried on a colleagues PC and its working fine for them. But both my browsers it does not work unless I click on the column header after dragging

Figured out. I think its a small bug but correct me if I am wrong.
If you drag the column to the header and drop it in the header box itself without it touching the lines - this is where the issue happens.

However as per your video, if you drop the column header on top of the grid line then it works fine.