Grouped column sorting request

Grouped columns should be sortable and group sorts should be sorted before the columns.

When hiding grouped columns and you drag a sorted column to be grouped, the ability to sort it disappears.
Also if column is the second sort, the first sort causing the groups to sort wrong.

When removing a grouped & sorted column, the column should probably become the first sort.

Hi @JohnRobinson,

Not sure I understand the request. At the moment grouping will take into account column sort direction. For example:

You can also specify sort direction when adding GroupDescriptor programmatically:

Apply the changes below in DataGridGroupHeaderTemplatePage.razor.
Note that Callahan shows up as the first group, and only has 2 entries, instead of 104.
Remove the Employee grouping and add it back.
Note that Buchanan now shows up first now.

In DataGridGroupHeaderTemplatePage.razor, add these properties to the data grid:
ShowMultiColumnSortingIndex=true AllowMultiColumnSorting=true HideGroupedColumn=true

Replace the OnRender with:

    void OnRender(DataGridRenderEventArgs<Order> args)
            args.Grid.Groups.Add(new GroupDescriptor(){ Title = "Employee", Property = "Employee.LastName"});