GridColumn Enum Description localization

Hi, does anyone implemented localization for Enum in GridColumns?

Here is my Enum:
public enum AnnualLeaveType
[Display(Description = "AnnualLeave", ResourceType = typeof(EnumsLibrary))]
[Display(Description = "AdditionalAnnualLeave", ResourceType = typeof(EnumsLibrary))]

I have my resx files filled but that's an error upon opening grid page:
System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot retrieve property 'Description' because localization failed. Type 'MYNAMESPACE.EnumsLibrary' is not public or does not contain a public static string property with the name 'AnnualLeave'.
at System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.LocalizableString.<>c__DisplayClass12_1.b__2()
at Radzen.Blazor.EnumExtensions.GetDisplayDescription(Enum enumValue)
at Radzen.Blazor.RadzenDataGridColumn1.GetValue(TItem item) at Radzen.Blazor.RadzenDataGrid1.RenderCell(RadzenDataGridColumn1 column, TItem Item, IReadOnlyDictionary2 Attributes, Tuple`2 rowArgs, Int32 RowIndex)

Solved by adding static strings with same names as Enum values, but kinda don’t get it why it has to be done this way