Grid Paging next button

I already know that if I put the page size in the blazer data grid, the next button and the previous button will appear. But this time, I happened to find that the color of the button is strange. Recently, the color of the next button changed so much in the nugget package that I couldn't see it well. Just in case, when I updated it to the previous version (4.24.7), the color changed a lot from now. (Same with the drop-down data grid.)

Is there a way to change this color manually? I want to make the color the same when the previous button and the next button are active and disabled.

Hi @Coniss,

It looks like you are using a custom theme, or some other styles are interfering with Radzen's styles. We couldn't reproduce this in the online demos.

You can use your browser's DevTools and inspect what is causing the change.

Thank you, I don't think I was able to share what someone else worked on while working on the team project.
Thank you very much for your kind and quick response.