Grid not render new item after the first item added

I have a similiar issue like this Blazor: Unable to add new item to Grid

I have a RadzenGrid component and when I want to add a new item to a collection with a RadzenButton click event, it works, an after one item has been added to the list the RadzenGrid UI stops rendering the new items (but the item is in the collection). I have a workaround fort this, like call Reload() function to the Grid or make this ItemList = ItemList.ToList() aproach, but I'm not sure this is the right solution because then why it renders the first added item, and stops after that, it's a bit confusing. If there is no obvious answer (means it can happen I just messed up something) then I can provide a sample code.

...and another small question, when an item gets deleted from the list, I should Reload() the Grid too, because it does not detect changes?

Hi @Balazs_Mihok,

Unfortunately without looking and debugging your app I’m unable to provide more info. If you have Radzen subscription you can send us your application to