Grid cell click

Is there a way to see what cell you clicked on within the Radzen Datagrid?

I only see RowClick and RowDoubleClick with no property in them for which cell as far as I can tell.

I want to have different actions for different cells on my grid rather than different rows.


Hi @Harry,

Currently there isn't a built-in CellClick event. A possible workaround is to use a template:

<RadzenDataGridColumn Property="Name" TItem="Customer">
   <Template Context="customer">
      <div @onclick=@(() => OnColumnClicked(customer, "Name"))>

@code {
   void OnColumnClicked(Customer customer, string column)
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Thank you. It'd be great if there was a cellclick event, I hope that's something you're considering, but for my needs atm that workaround is sufficient. Thank you.