Grid always comeback to first page

I have got DataGrid in my Blazor C# Project.
And I have got a problem with navigation.

For example. I have got 5 pages with data, presented on DataGrid
When I'm on 2nd page and press "details" button for example to see more data and navigate back I'm again on the first page, not the 2nd. Is there any way to fix that? It's really annoying for many customers.

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Any additional info how to reproduce this?


Like I said - I've got a page with warehouse transactions presented on DataGrid.
The're is about 8 pages with this data, of course I can navigate between them.

And now:
I on the 6th page of my DataGrid -> I press the specific row to navigate to the details of this transaction -> pressing return button -> And my grid is on the first page, not the 6th when i started to check the details. And now I need to again navigate to the 6th page.

This information is not enough to reproduce the problem, check our forum FAQ for reference how to improve your question. If you have Radzen subscription you can send us an example application at where we can reproduce the issue.

Rob did you ever solve this issue? I have exactly the same problem and don't know how i could explain any better than you did

I was able to figure it out, clicking a button somehow forces the grid to reload data from data context. and when data context changes, datagrid goes back to first page.

As I do not know how your code looks, I assume that you are not using dialog. To stay on record that you are viewing you need to use dialog not a simple page.