Grid add page doesn't work

I have a start page with three grid items. I created the CRUD pages but the add buttons didn't work, so I linked them up, however, now the save buttons do nothing. I copied some of the event info from a different project with a single page that worked, but that didn't seem to help.
How can I troubleshoot pages with this problem?
Why would the CRUD pages not save data properly?

Hi @markl,

Usually to update an entity Radzen will generate updateXXX method invoke on Form Submit. Do you have such in your case? If the invoke is present you can check if the request is made in your browser console network tab and what is the result. You can also debug the method call:

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No, it clearly didn't do that properly. So some code is missing, it built the pages and the buttons, but the wiring is wrong and it doesn't look like all the code is right.
I have three tables and all I did was make one grid for each table and put them on the same page in a simple layout.
Where do I look for these methods?
How is is generating buttons but not the corresponding code?

You can check our videos to learn quickly how to create CRUD pages (4):