GoogleMap initialize


Can you add on the google map events the initialize? So that we know when the map loaded.

We are needing this functionality in our projects.

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Hi @Cybermap,

Can you elaborate? What is the initialize event? What do you want to do with it?

Ok , sorry for the long time to reply but i was resolving a problem with ligthswitch.

If you go to redacted and use redacted, you will see a map and if you click notice that the markers will appear group by distance and with the new itemstyle .

we need to do this not in the map click but when it has just finish loaded.

If you follow the instructions the markers will appear as soon as the chart is ready. Just set a property like described in the documentation.

By the way it probably isn't a good idea to share username and password to your web site. I have deleted them.


I know that you can add markers by data-binding , but you can not change the iconstyle. Another thing is that i use Marker Clustering ( to group/cluster the markers, and you can see by the example that the function to cluster is called in the initMap() of google map js api.

I put the markers not by data-binding because of two things , the style of the marker (radzen only has the red upside down teardrop) and to call the cluster function (ex : MarkerClusterer(this.googlemap0.instance, ${getMarkersResult}, {imagePath: ''});

Ps: Tank you for deleted the User and Pass.

We will expose some event that will provide the google map instance and the loaded google api.

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Thank you very much for your attention

Hi @korchev , is there a way to implement Marker Clustering?