Google Maps

Hi Radzen Forum
i read the tutorial about google maps but i found that hard to understand :frowning_face:
How can i create one map with moving pin (pin that i choose where to moove not static when the map loads)? the purpose is to locate one object and the pin to display lat and long in 2 textboxes

Hi @Tajar,

You can check the Add Marker From Code section of the GoogleMap documentation. It shows how to add a marker when the user clicks somewhere on the map.

its loading but i cannot see the default pin to move it on the right location

is the default marker within the map view area?
are any javascript errors reported in js console?
if you create the marker via code as per link above does the marker show?

the pin that shows in the map is not movable for pointing one obejc in the map but shows static

@Tajar You might need to implement custom code or request Radzen adds that capability.
The marker needs a draggable property set to true as per

Google Drag Map Marker Demo