Google Map markers

Hello all,

I started learning Radzen a couple of weeks ago. For the most part it's been progressing well but I did get stuck with this google map issue.

On the left side of the screen I have a data grid with locations (names, lat, lng) and on the right side I have that show with a default location. What I would like is to display, or ideally bounce markers on the map when I select a row from the data grid.

I looked at all the sample, demos and tutorials I could find but still can't figure it out.

I would appreciate anything that would help me understand how to do this properly.

Thanks in advance!

The Markers section from the GoogleMap documentation shows how to add and remove markers from code.

I went through that several times before asking for help.

What I seem to be missing is the understanding of how I refresh the map after adding markers.

You don't need to refresh the map. Adding the marker will refresh the map.

Did You get this Figured out, I'm having the same issue.