Google Map Directions Api

Can the Google Map Widget utilize the Directions Api, and or the Distance Matrix Api?


The GoogleMap component can only display maps and markers. More info about the available API is available in the documentation.

Can the markers be set from Lat, and Lng columns in a table, I'm not sure what the code for this would be. something like the Image?


Yes, you can. You need to use the ${result} implicit when dealing with Invoke data source method though. Try setting the markers property to

${result.value}.map(item => return { position: { lat: item.Lat, lng: item.Lng } })

Thanks, Do you have a resource for these code strings, or is this Javascript that I need to brush up on.

This is the so-called expressions. You can find more info here. It mostly JavaScript / TypeScript and ${} triggers the Radzen autocomplete.

I got it to work with the added brackets, also the Data type in the table for Lat, Lng need to set to a "Float or Decimal"

${result.value}.map(item => {return { position: { lat: item.Lat, lng: item.Lng }}})


Now I'm trying to add the custom Icons, I have the link to the Icon in a FK Table called Icons, Link Column. I've tried variations to these codes.

${result.value}.map(item => {return {position: { lat: item.Lat, lng: item.Lng, icon: 'item.Link' }}});
${result.value}.map(item => {return {position: { lat: item.Lat, lng: item.Lng }, icon: { icon: 'item.Link' } }});
${result.value}.map(item => {return {icons: { icon: 'item.Link' }}});


The markers don't currently support icons. We can add that feature in one of our future releases.

Thanks, If you get around to it can you add support for the Info Window as well.