GlobalService Class behavior

Hi guys

I don't know i this happens to somebody else: I have a project in radzen with some global properties, so When I change to Visual Studio and try to run, it doesn't compile and show me errors like "Globals.Services does not contain any definition for ......" for each global property I have in the project; then I change to radzen and run the project working fine, I switch to VS and now the GlobalService.cs has all properties definitions and runs good. And I didn't modify anything about global properties.

This is GlobalService class before running Radzen in VS.(without modifications on global properties)


And this is the class after running Radzen in VS .

Are there some way to avoid this situation ?

Hi @mario.rodriguez,

To ensure that all code is generated before edit the application with Visual Studio you should run it in Radzen.

Due it's happening only with global properties, where is the best place to set global properties for using them in all application pages ? Maybe i was setting them in a wrong place and everytime the code has to be deleted then updated.

Global service properties are generated every time when you run the application.