Getting issue while running projetc

Hi there,

can some please help me to run this project.

Whenever I am trying to run this project, getting error that "The command "dotnet tool restore" exited with the code 1.If trying to install Radzen.Blazor from nuget package, then getting the error
Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes for 'Radzen.Blazor'.
Radzen.Blazor -> Radzen.Blazor (>= 3.9.9). Radzen.Blazor C:\Downloads\radzen-blazor-master\radzen-blazor-master\Radzen.Blazor\Radzen.Blazor.csproj
I am new to blazor, trying to learn this.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @kamal,

Check this article for more info how to troubleshoot the problem: