Get-started build error BlazorLinkOnBuild

Hi, Radzen team, I'm new so I followed the get-started page -
When I build, it throws the error "BlazorLinkOnBuild has been replaced with BlazorWebAssemblyEnableLinking"
but when I tried replacing it with the latter it throws the error
"The element <#text> beneath element is not recognized" and when I comment out the first one BlazorLinkOnBuild , then the project won't even load to build

I'm sure it's some minor error but for the life of me, I cannot find the solution - thisniscalled learning tofly the plane as if it's a motor-car!!

Further to the above, I downloaded the and when I run it, I can see it's a working copy of the get-started page -
Looks great but then I start checking all the things get-started told me to insert . . . and they are not there????
All the Radzen components work and I can see from the source radzen is all over the place -
Does this mean I don't need to follow the instructions of get-started? But that makes no sense at all
Puzzled pitters :wink:

Hi @Tony_Pitwood,

<BlazorLinkOnBuild> is no longer needed for Blazor WebAssembly projects. We will update the getting started instructions soon.

Thanks :slight_smile: In the meantime, I'm starting with your CRM tutorial and it's just beginning to dawn on me that Radzen being an RAD doesn't need Visual Studio???
I did mention that this is all new to me?

Hi @Tony_Pitwood,

Radzen is a low-code tool that can be used to scaffold and design your application visually. To write custom code, to debug your application, etc. you will need Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code.

Thanks, I'll see how far I can get

I'm following the tutorial for RadzenCRM but when I click on Run, itdoesn't go into "Run" mode, but shows all the pages on the left . .
When I click on Orders, it displays the form with the default details, and if I click on One, the Properties of that field show . . .
I'e missed a step somewhere?

Yes, I missed a whole lot of errors - _Imports.razor type or namespace 'Shared' does not exist (because I started doing this in VS 2019?