Get page parameters and set a property


Just wanted to test some thing with getting parameters to the next page in blazor.

There is something like this line:
@page "/pagename/{parameter}"
in the razor file that gets a parameter. How can i generate this line in radzen?

How can i get this parameter and put it into an Text of a Label for example?
If i query ${parameters.paramname} i always get the message that "parameters" does not exist.

Did i miss anything? Thanks

You can check how the Edit page is using the parameter passed from RowSelect event of the DataGrid.

Yes i watched this in an edit-page.
On Page load i tried to set a property on Load event like this:

But it shows me an error that the parameter is not defined.

So i am quite shure i have missed defining the parameter - (That that will make the line @page "/pagename/{parameter}" appear) But i did not find any button or property setting where i need to define it in radzen :cold_sweat:

The DataGrid RowSelect in our CRUD pages will open Edit page as a dialog with parameter. When navigating to a page it will be the same. In this way you will have a page with parameter - the Edit page.

I'm realy sorry, but i do not get it. :fearful:

I also tried to rebuilt an edit-page by hand but i did not manage it - i alway get an error saying "The name 'parameters' does not exist in the current context"

What i do:

  • Add a new empty page
  • Add a label and in text-property enter "${parameters.testparam}" to display the parameter "testparam" to the page. (url with /page?testparam=something)
  • The label text is now "The name 'parameters' does not exist in the current context"

Do i need to enter the parameters somewere else in the page?

Thanks for the late help! Regards

Hi @chackl,

It seems we have a problem with the designer - it will be addressed immediately!

Add two pages: MainPage part of application navigation and DetailsPage excluded from navigation. We will open the details pages as dialog with parameter:

In the details page try accessing the parameter by name directly:

this will be fixed in the next version

and run the application:

Yes that is the way i did :slight_smile:

Thanks and hoping for a soon fix :slight_smile: