Get index from context

Hello, I have a data grid of strings (i have added two additional columns for various buttons) I have disabled sorting and filtering and realistically paging will not be a concern. All fields have to remain editable at all times when this grid is being displayed so I have put the context as the value of a text box to display it. I need to save the changes though. My thought was that I would use the onchange event to call a method to update the value in the list. Values from row to row might be the same so I need to pass the index into the method to update the proper record. I can't seem to find a way to pass the rows index into a method. Is this possible with Radzen datagrid? If so how?

Thank you,

There isn't an easy way to get the index in your case (because of the duplicates). You can introduce an intermediate class to store your data that is unique and can be used with IndexOf to get its index.