Get DropDown selected item

in Radzen Ide I have two DropDown A and B, filled with different data; I need to select A and retrive the id ( IdGate ) for use it to fill the dropDown B.
My question is; how can I get the selected IdGate from DropDown?
I tried to implement the DropDown's change event to set a property on value IdTab but it doesent work.
Thank you.

@Giuseppe_Pistorino Debug it with Visual Studio, set a breakpoint and check the values generated in ${event}. I'd think that idTab would be an integer, but the fact that Radzen doesn't pick up the property type and sets it to dynamic leads me to believe that something there is wrong.

Looking at it more, I think if you leave the dropdown's ValueProperty empty, then the ${event} will hold all of the values and not just the IdGate value.


@SloSuenos Thank you!

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