Generated Add-Page, default navigation

I have a generated Add-Page which I call (open dialog) from a page I made on my own.
When I save, I get redirected to the generated List-Page fitting to the Add-Page.

But what I would like to do is just closing the popup-dialog and get my not-generated-page refreshed.
Where do I control this behaviour? While opening the dialog? On the submit-button of the add-page-form?

While opening the dialog. You can use Navigate Back action instead Navigate.

I tried that, but what it does is navigating back to the last page before the page which I used to call my popup :frowning:

Hi @Moo,

Sorry, my mistake. You can use Navigate Back to close the dialog (submit event of the form):

You can use also Close Dialog action.

In that case:
-I tried adding it there too, navigates back, but does not save
-If I add the save-functionality myself and then navigate back, it's not working anymore -> going back to the generated list-page

Do you have any errors in the browser console? The same technique works normally for app scaffolded from our Sample database:

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I found out what was wrong. The event has to be - as you said - on the submit-event of the form, what I configured was the click-event of the submit-button in the form :slight_smile: