Generate Datalist

I would like to show a read-only list of datafields on the side of a datagrid. So when the user selects an entry in the datagrid, the list shows some more details on that. Can I somehow generate a list of fields like generating the the crud pages? Or can I somehow reuse a generated crud page to be included in another page?

You should be able to select a list of components from a CRUD page, copy them and then paste them in another.

What I have:

  • Generated DataGrid-Page
  • Generated Edit-Page

I tried the following:

  • Got to the Edit-Page
  • Selected the whole column of labels and fields, copied it
  • Got to the List-Page
  • Added a new row below the DataGrid
  • Selected the row and clicked 'Paste' in the context-menu of the component

Nothing, no error, no changes to the page

Ok, found out what the problem was, seems to be a bug in Radzen:
The context menu "Paste" just does not work, you have to press Ctrl+V to make it work.

Seems to work fine here.

I am doing exactly that and it doesn't work, maybe it doesn't work on Windows only?

Confirmed that it doesn't work in Windows. A fix is coming.

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